BlueCubes have been involved in building online auction solutions for over 18 years. Most of the auctions have revolved around art and we were excited to bring our years of experience to selling Irish Whiskey online.

We worked closely with our clients to add some fantastic features to improve the experience for the bidders but also benefit their vendors.

Some of these features include:

  • Creating a Favourites watchlist
  • Traffic light system to see quickly which lots you are winning or losing
  • Whiskey Bidder TV
  • Anti-Snipe feature
  • View similar lots so that you can see other lots that might be better value
  • Quick Bids
  • Maximum Bid (Auto Bid) facility
  • Live reports
  • Automated Invoice generation
  • Secure Online payments
  • Sell Your Whiskey
  • Bespoke CMS platform for managing auctions
  • Integration with MailChimp
  • Search Whiskey Results / Archive

Development is on-going with many new features being added to the bidding platform to improve the bidding experience and make it simple for bidders and vendors.

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